My name is Amy Davis. I am married and have 4 incredible children. Through my journey in life I struggled with many different challenges. Always searching for the next quick pick me up. Battling depression from a young age and not always making the right choices for myself left me feeling even more discouraged. As a result I was not being the wife or mother I truly wanted to be. I continued to search and search for a way out of the endless rut I felt I was in.

We have all have had trauma and suffering in our lives of some sort. Trauma can leave us feeling so discouraged or even hopeless. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much these events are affecting us until we let them go and see how free we can feel. With the tools I have learned and will be sharing through One Life I hope to help others see the power we all have within us. I believe these tools will help those who are ready to find their power within and truly live the life that was intended for them. Just like they have done for me. I will continue to learn and add more tools as my journey continues.

I have created One Life to help us all bring awareness to our true strength and power within and provide methods to take hold and really create the life we are capable of and meant to live.